We can provide our clients’ access to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as performance monitoring (OTD/OTP), event management and costing information. We can tailor management reports to suit your needs allowing you to make good business decisions and drive your business today and into the future.

At IFS Logistics, we care about your business and want to ensure that the entire transportation process is measured and with our reporting capabilities, we are able to provide our clients with measurable KPI’s.

Customized reporting focused on:

  • KPI Measurement
  • OTP (On-Time Pick-up)
  • OTD (On-Time Delivery)
  • Event Management
  • Real Times Status updates
  • NCAR (Non-Compliance Action Report)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Corrective Action Plan

We have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge that allows us to provide our clients with the best solution(s) to run their business. It is important for us to work closely with our clients to fully understand how things are being done today, to suggest improvement opportunities.